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Airport La Guardia NYC

A profusion of colors and different cultures reflect the absence of limits in the artistic creation. La Guardia, in Frida Kahlo’s shades, imprint a new color, inverting common sense. A never seen image results, a retina pleaser.


Limited Edition 3 Units/Size

size1: 74in x 40in - 188cm x 100cm


Mixed midia on canvas canson@infinity  or Hahnemühle

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Airport La Guardia NYC

大量的色彩和不同的文化,反映出艺术创作没有局限性。在Frida Kahlo阴影下的La Guardia,打印出一种新的色彩,颠倒了平凡的事物。 前所未有的想象结果,取悦了视网膜。