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“Libélula” (dragonfly) is the most beautiful word in the Portuguese language. Insects such as winged fairies. The focus of the picture is restricted on the striations of its wings, that, by their color, remind us of the prehistoric fossil amber. In the back, nature rimes in color.


Limited Edition 3 Units/Size

size1: 40in x 40in - 100cm x 100cm


Mixed midia on canvas canson@infinity  or Hahnemühle

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蜻蜓是葡萄牙语中最美的词。 昆虫像有翅膀的仙子。 照片的焦点集中在翅膀的条纹上,这些条纹的颜色使我们想起了历史化石的琥珀色。 在背景中,自然在色彩中押韵。