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Black Pulse

In the natural course of humanity, different groups come together on opposite sides and resist, closed in themselves. Like a dance, knowledge becomes fluid in little springs and form lines, pulsating arteries towards the magnetic course of transformation. A black river runs pushed by the balance between both sides. The mixture is the essence of evolution.

Limited Edition 3 Units/Size

size1: 66in x 40in - 167cm x 100cm
size2: 33in x 20in -  84cm x 50cm

Mixed midia on canvas canson@infinity  or Hahnemühle 

Black Pulse

在人类的自然过程中,不同的群体聚集在两侧,保持对彼此的封闭。 就像舞蹈一样,知识在小泉中流淌并形成线条,脉动朝着磁化的转变过程前进。一条黑河为了两侧的平衡而流动。 混合是进化的本质。

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