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Icy Geyser Audio Guide
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Icy Geyser

In Santo Domingo’s Mayaguana Abraham’s Bay anything can happen! The exotic and unknown stimulate the artist’s fertile mind that, in an instant, creates an image from a satellite picture, an explosion like an islandic geyser on the tropical beach. The surreal has no boundaries allowing the icy veil to break through the great surf towards the deep cobalt blue sea.

size1: 71in x 40in - 180cm x 100cm
size2: 36in x 20in -  92cm x 50cm
Limited Edition 3 Units/Size

Mixed midia on canvas canson@infinity  or Hahnemühle 

Icy Geyser

在圣多明各马亚瓜纳岛亚伯拉罕湾 Abraham’s Bay Mayaguana Santo Domingo一切皆有可能! 未知和异国情调激发了艺术家的肥沃心灵,瞬间创造出一个卫星的图像,还有在热带海滩中,酷似冰岛间歇泉的一次爆炸。 超现实没有任何限制,让冰幕打破从钴蓝色深海涌来的巨浪。