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Red Eye

Santa Catarina’s Island’s nature seduces travelers from all over the world. What we really see when we look? At the margin, suddenly, the red eye is revealed. Life, color, symbiosis that rules.

Limited Edition 3 Units/Size

size1: 70in x 40in - 177cm x 100cm
size2: 36in x 20in -  89cm x 50cm

Mixed midia on canvas canson@infinity  or Hahnemühle 

Red Eye

圣卡塔琳娜岛的自然美景吸引了来自世界各地的游客。 当我们看到时,我们真正看到的是什么? 突然,红红的眼睛从海岸露了出来。 由生活,色彩,共生统治。