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Jupiter’s colors invade the retina. All answers and none exist at the same time. To be a part of the whole is fascinating, but also frightening. From the tsunami, new form arises. Among all systems, we still believe in that in which Sol reigns. Why?

Limited Edition 3 Units/Size

size1: 70in x 40in - 177cm x 100cm
size2: 35in x 20in -  89cm x 50cm

Mixed midia on canvas canson@infinity  or Hahnemühle 


木星的颜色侵入视网膜。所有答案都存在,同时,也不存在。作为整体的一部分是迷人的,也是可怕的。从海啸开始,一种新形式被建立着。在所有系统中,我们仍然相信太阳统治的这个系统。 为什么?