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Art changes!

You must have heard someone say that they don't understand what goes on in the minds of artists, don't you? That they are stone-cold crazy, that they are in another world creating, that they seem to become another person! The creative process of an individual is not as simple as it seems. This "thinking outside of reality" that those who do not have direct contact with art, who have never taken the time out of their lives to understand and appreciate what art can transform in someone's life, is nothing more than a form of censorship with the creative, with the expression, with the feelings of someone. It is necessary to take the time to learn, analyze, and form critical thinking without offending the artists who have dedicated so much of their lives to their projects. And yes, artists do enter another dimension, and if you want to understand it, it is worth watching the movie Soul: there is a beautiful explanation about how the art connection takes us to another plane in a beautiful way! After all, as Pablo Picasso said: art washes the dust of everyday life from the soul.

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