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Augmented Reality

You have heard of modern art and contemporary art. We know that modern art happened in Brazil in the 1920s, almost 100 years ago. Contemporary art, on the other hand, is the name given to the present moment. Is it? Do you know how long the contemporary has been happening? Do you know where the innovation of art is going? I like innovation and vanguard and I apply it in my career every day. One of the innovations I most like to apply is augmented reality and the other is 3D virtual reality. The first is a technique of replacing a static image with an animated one or with other images and sounds. You will find 11 of my works on my site with this technique. On the other hand, 3D virtual reality is a passion in my life that made me even founded a new company for this, When it is time to invest in arts, seek this kind of innovation, seek to surprise the eyes of those who see, the artists are advancing more and more, and you, are you going to stand still in time?

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