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Brazilian artistic movements

Art movements precede the way we make art today, in all its forms. But do you know what the main Brazilian art movements are? Get to know them here: - Baroque: having as its main representative the artist Aleijadinho, Baroque art associated religious aspects with craftsmanship. It can still be seen in many churches; - Fauvism: it was one of the trends that emerged after the Week of Modern Art. It was inspired by French art of the time, and its style resembled aggressiveness and rigidity; - Neoclassic: arrived in Brazil along with the Portuguese family in 1808, therefore, this style can be seen in many old buildings; - Cubism: also arrived in Brazil with the Week of Modern Art and this art had the objective of valuing the canvas from several angles. The truth is that the history of art in the world and in Brazil has gone through several ruptures and changes. And it is still changing today, as we can see several traces and works of these old artistic movements.

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