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Brazilian plastic artists

There are many Brazilian artists to inspire and admire. Whether they are current or not, we need to know and appreciate the national arts. Come see who they are:

- Di Cavalcanti: one of the creators of the Week of 22, he was elected the best Brazilian painter at the São Paulo Biennial in 1953;

- Mazola Marcnou: a young artist whose main technique is Graffiti Realism;

- Anita Malfatti: also participated in the Week of Modern Art in 1922, the artist was the main target of criticism of modernist painting;

- Tarsila do Amaral: one of the most famous, Tarsila was one of the emblems of modern art in Brazil. Among her best known works are: 'Abaporu' and 'Operários';

- Lygia Pape: she was one of the symbols of contemporary art in our country, the artist emphasized the participation of the public in her works.

Brazil is not only rich in culture, but also in art. Our country was the cradle of several revolutions and artists who have names known abroad until today.

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