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Brazilian sculptors and their works

Are you an art lover? In this post we will bring you sculptors who have played a fundamental role in plastic art and left their mark in Brazilian history. Let's check them out?

1. Abelardo da Hora (1924-2014). He was considered one of the greatest names in sculpture in Brazil. He sculpted regional and popular culture themes. One of his best known themes is the naked female body, with an impressionist touch, such as the work of the lying down woman.

2. Aleijadinho (1738-1814). He was the greatest colonial artist in Brazil. One of his best known works is impressive: more than sixty images carved in wood and twelve prophets made in soapstone make up the architectural ensemble of the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus de Matosinhos.

3. Vik Muniz (1961). He is one of the best known names in the national visual arts. Always starting from unusual materials, such as garbage, the artist creates impressive and magnificent works.

Did you like them? Tell us if you know any of them!

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