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Modalities in painting

Art has existed since the world was made, so to try to talk about all the techniques and modalities that exist would not be possible. But it is possible to bring some of them to your attention. Here are some painting modalities: - Muralism: executed on a wall and is directly linked to architecture. It can create effects in an area or environment; - Oil paint: it is a thick mass, made of pulverized pigment and oil, from linseed or poppy. It is shiny and allows the painting to be corrected almost necessarily, this happens because of its slow drying; - Acrylic: it is a water-soluble paint that allows the combination of techniques such as watercolor and oil painting; - Watercolor: it is a technique in which the paints must be dissolved in water and the paper needs to be of a heavier weight; - Gouache: it is widely used and is a more opaque type of watercolor. There are many ways to make paintings, and it all depends on the technique that will be used. Which one is your favorite?

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