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Reasons to invest in art

The artwork Blue Mind Fly will be exhibited from January 28 to 31 this year in Paris, in one of the biggest contemporary art fairs in Europe. When this happens, the tendency is for the work to appreciate in value. And just like a stock, it is worth buying low, that is, before its appreciation. And the more exhibitions it participates in, the more it appreciates in value. Do you know the reasons to invest in art to diversify your portfolio? Come see! - It is a different segmentation from the others, so the risk of volatility is lower; - Works of art have maintained their value regardless of the country's inflation, according to JP Morgan's 2013 record, The Art of Investing; - Art is able to increase and maintain stable the yield of your portfolio. According to the Art Market report, investors say that the yield is the biggest attraction to buy the stock; - It is very affordable; - Sales tend to increase and the value can become even more affordable; - In addition to the yield, it has historical and strategic value to your portfolio If you didn't see it as something to invest in yet, it's time to change your view! Follow the artist's career to predict bullish trends. The artist who moves in the market appreciates in value!

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