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The valorization of the works

Did you know? When you buy a work of art, you have a precious thing in your hands that appreciates in value every year. Every time an artist does a painting he is inspired by a feeling, and when you buy that feeling from him, you buy something that is difficult even to put a price on. Many people would like to have that expression of feeling on their walls. This is the first reason to value a work of art. After the work of art is purchased, it continues to be VALUED. Each exhibition in which the artist or the work of art participates increases its value. Each note in the newspaper, magazine, TV or internet, makes the work and the artist more desired. Each award won is a joint valorization. So TIP: Believe in your intuition and bet right from the start on that artist who you know is going to move in the market and therefore will appreciate in value. Buy low so IF YOU WANT TO SELL, you have a high value work in hand.

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