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The world's most famous painters

Do you know who are the best painters in the world? Making this choice is not an easy task at all, because there are many artists with great quality and it is very complex to summarize these talents. For it to be a fair choice, it is necessary to take into account the popularity of the artists. With this in mind, we have separated the 11 best painters in the world. Do you want to know who they are? Read on to find out more! 1- Da Vinci; 2- Dalí; 3- Michelangelo; 4- Monet; 5- Munch; 6- Picasso; 7- Renoir; 8- Rembrandt; 9- Van Gogh; 10- Portinari; 11- Tarsila do Amaral. Did you know any of these artists?

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