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Van Gogh's most famous works!

Have you ever heard of Vincent Van Gogh? Probably, yes! He is one of the main influences in my artistic career. By the way, did you like my re-reading with my face on his work? :) Joking aside, he was considered one of the greatest Dutch painters in history, although he had little success in his lifetime, as his fame went quickly after his death. However, he left his mark through his fantastic works, which are among the most valued in the world. Let's check them out? 1. starry night, 1889. This masterpiece depicts the view outside Van Gogh's sanatorium window in France. The work demonstrates the artist's interest in astronomy. 2. lilies, 1889. This work was worked from nature in the garden of the asylum in Saint-Rémy, France. 3. sunflowers, 1889. The artist is considered a master of still-life paintings and his series on sunflowers are among the most famous. They are known for portraying the natural beauty of flowers and for their vibrant colors. And what is your favorite work by this great artist?

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